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Andrew Everett

July 2018

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The two major events this month for me are firstly  the Lanchester Choral Society concert, which went surprisingly well considering the different scope of the music, from Thirty’s harmonies in the Cole Porter arrangement (I would have liked to do the whole 6 set of arrangements), throughout the repetitive rhythms of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Joseph’ , the   tunes of  ‘Disney,’ ‘My Fair Lady’ and ‘Oliver.’  the whole was more iwithin the scopeof the choir than other things done recently.

Secondly was the Hartlepool parish Pilgrimage to Walsingham shrine. people were friendlier, but some how, I felt less devotional than the previous two years However, my daughter Catherine  asked me for an item on her blog – “Spirit of East Anglia’ and I felt sufficiently moved to write a piece on “England’s Nazareth’ for her.

While oil the mood, I have written a short piece for the Priest responsible for ‘Outreach’  in the Pastoral Partnership of Parishes for the Durham Area. In order to counteract the recent scandalous publicity the Church and many others  have  received from its clerical and non-clerical members, the Church’s mission in action should be seen  in positive charitable action to the needy  wherever and whoever they are by all its member. A massive exercise, yes, but made of a million small efforts.

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