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Andrew Everett

March 2018

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Last moth was bad, but this one worse,We have been more of less snowed in our cup-de-sac for a whole week with a meter of snow. I have eventually been able to take my car to the Croxdale garage, as its electrics are still cutting out at times and the dashboard indicates danger. . The garage  cannot find anything wrong, advised to see how it goes on. I have been twice before about it. I am not satisfied. on checking on the Innet, this is a possible fault for Peugeots 308’s.  We have had as a result gone round to see suitable equivalents. Hyundai I 20 too small ( strained my knee getting in); We became invisible at Vauxhall as nobody greeted us  or took any interest. Pulman’s as Volkwagen agent were exemplary in their approach greetings, discussion and lots of information without pushing too hard.  Test drive helpful ( I hadn’t expected not to have the usual large handbrake – the clutch pedal controls this function. They offered me very good trade reductions and I am the happy owner of a GOLF 1500.

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