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Andrew Everett

December 2018

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Christmas and its lead -up  is a time I both love and loathe loathe and love . I loath it because of the increasing shrill commercialism which begins as early as August, encouraging people to buy presents for people  which they don’t necessarily want . Furthermore despite all the push to promote balanced diet and reduce obesity, it is ironic that parties are featured with  gross amounts of food are promoted in the lead up to Christmas.

I love it because through carols and hymns and even the commercia ly driven songs, there is something more mystical and spiritual about Christ being born, whether you see it as truth or myth.  His message of love of God and being there for each other, and  in the giving of one self to others, forgiving past hurts and doing one’s best to make life more bearably happy is the right message for out times.

I became involved with sing-a-longs for luncheon clubs through AgeUK as well as singing in concerts with   the choirs I am in.

I enjoyed being with my daughter, son-in-law and his parents – this was a family occasion.

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