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Andrew Everett

January 2019

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The time after Christmas is usually a drag, but this month has gone quickly. There is a lot of rehearsal time for concerts in the spring. I have done talks for AgeUK . I am doing my best to complete my book on Merz- an Eastertime finish is what I am aiming at.

I am starting singing  for Diploma 8+ for ABRCM. I started something similar after doing Grade 7 and 8 about 15 years ago – the syllabus is more or less the same. I am to prepare about 8 numbers and have chosen things I know more or less well and have a pianist Edward  to practice with. Edward is very helpful in making me be more precise in tuning and rhythm besides  is so enthusiastic about the music choice and much else not only in music but languages and life. He is a’find’.

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