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Andrew Everett

July 2019

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Lanchester Choral Society

I rehearsed for last 3-4 months for a semi-staged version of Pirates of Penzance. It was good to encounter Sullivan’s music against is wonderfully varied from pseudo -Verdi through musichall patter songs to Mendelssohnian Praise of Poetry. I wasn’t there for the actual performance as we had booked a ‘Shortbreak’ in Cumbria.

I did not like this way of doing the work – it should either been staged or a concert version not a mixture with a narrative. This was recent summer formula chosen for society for both ‘Merry Widow’ and ‘Die Fledermaus’. I didn’t like it because acting can’t take place with scores in your hands, plus narrative was too long. Links between numbers could have been provided by the overhead screening(like old fashioned silent films. Concert versions mean more focus on music.

22-6 Pilgrimage to Walsingham with Hartlepool group

We set off early to join the group after parking our car at Fr Michael’s house. It is long journey, but passes quite quickly with bursts of rosary and prayers till we reach King Lynn church, where in 1897 the idea of pilgrimage was revived. This is 4th time we joined the group. It a good opportunity not only to socialise and pray together, but there is time to reflect on what our place is in the freat scheme of things. Can I improve in my dealings with others and what should my attitude be to future happenings in my life. We had our 54 the wedding anniversary on Wednesday and group wished us well.

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