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March 2019

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This has been a busy month in some ways. I did my presentation on Sir Vincent Raven for Tyneside Industrial Archaeology Newcastle. I had carefully updated it. One man had been to an earlier presentation of it and remarked on the updating.  This was well received. I continue to attend the choirs I  am in.

Lanchester Choral did a pre-Easter programme. Maunder’s “Olivet to Calvary‘ is an Edwardian work which is solid enough, but in some ways too eclectic – Wagner’s Parsifal- in the opening bars, with lots of sub Mendelssohn. It even pre-echoes in some parts of “Fiddler on the Roof’. Bits from the ‘Messiah’ were done and the whole ended with Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’, which more satisfactory.  I prefer to sing whole works.

I have started to do ARSM Diploma 8+ in Singing (Baritone and Bass). I have managed to get a good pianist. and  the syllabus retails songs I am comfortable with for the  half an hour recital to be given, when I’m ready.

Mary and I accompanied a friend to get a German passport in Edinburgh on Ash Wednesday.We went down the length of Princes Street. I had not realised how much more of Georgian Edinburgh there was at this end of the city.

Living my car parked to go to  a choir practice, I returned to find a note attached to windscreen, apologising for cracking my bumper- fortunately leaving contact details.This meant  I was 2 weeks without my own car. as well as spending many hours dealing with the insurance, the garage repairing ti and learning to drive the replacement car a V40 Volvo. It was a wearing experience. People who damage another’s car cannot imagine the stress they put the victim though, dealing with the ‘phone calls, the paper work and the feelings of utter waste of time it generates.

Our next door neighbour died – we went to the cremation – a rather sober unspiritual ‘service’.  Also our conductor i.e. of Durham Constabulary Male VoIce Choir suddenly died. He had made the choir produce a wholesome sound, but had galvanised choir not much recently.

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