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Andrew Everett

May 2019

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Show Boat -I-movie. I had 2 bookings to give this. I have used as a basis the 1936 Paul Robeson a, Irene Dunn and Allan Jones.( black and white version). The clarity of the filming  is amazing, the sound track less so. To this I have added snippets from other shows (not included in 1936 version).  so that I could tell a continuous story. This seemed to work well for both audiences I gave it in Forest Hall and for U3A Durham

Indian Pacific I went to Newcastle Brunswich CHurches men’s group to give this, my first I-movie. I t was about a luxury train journey from Sydney, via Adelaide to Perth. We had taken a lot of photos during this trip (to celebrate out Golden Wedding, my 80th and Paul’s 50 birthday in 2015. so I put it together with info about the zones and interests as we travelled by way of background. The background music was all Australia- based from National anthem at beginning and end via Kylie, didger-i–doo, the Bee- Gees and Malcolm Williamson’s piano concerto. It comes over well. There were questins afterwards as it only last about 35 mins.

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