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Andrew Everett

April 2020

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Our great granddaughter is thriving . I was 84 on 25 April. I saw my family in Australia and am so pleased they are all so well. It was the best birthday present I could have had. I received at my request an album of songs by Kurt Weill and a DVD of Verdi’s ‘Falstaff’ and another album of 17th and 18th century songs and a couple of books from Mary.

I’ve continued with the needle work. I’ve started up again with the cross-stich picture of St Catherine’s C/E and its surroundings in Crook. I will include this when finished in my presentation on Bonomi, its architect.

Almost finished staining battens in garden.; done a lot of pruning;

Going through shelves and cupboards; filled half a dozen bags with clothes books and all kinds of stuff we have accumulated over the years- all that is necessary is for charity shops to open-Ihave over the last 10 years or so given a lot to Scope. eregral Palsy is such a nasty condition and i so admire people with it and how they lead such purposeful loves.

On Tuesday, 28, I received a call from a local Community Mental Health Nurse that my brother David had died the day before in a Darlington Nursing Home of cancer and heart failure. This leaves me with mixed emotions. I have long craved a closer relationship with him, but he has not seen me at his request for about 15 years. I have tried to contact since then via the mental health services, but he refused to conacy me in any way. Ididn’t even know he was in a terminal care facility, until The nurse contacted me as a nearest relative in David’s notes and realised that I existed. The care home had not been told of my existence. This meant David was to be buried at the local social services expense- a type of pauper’s funeral.

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