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December 2019

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I always enjoy the build up to concerts at this time in preparation for Christmas. Sadly for one reason or another, I am going to miss some of them .Ushaw choir is doing an interesting and challenging programme at Gibside, which clashes with going to Mass at 5pm at St Patrick’s. I could manage it but thtime has been constantly changed. This happens a lot. Apart from the Wearside Opera concert in October, dates and times of our own concerts are frequently altered, so that a yearly timetable is not possible.. Other choirs and associations provide yearly commitments, which of course may need to change in the wake of unforseen difficulties.

I know I am not getting to Lanchester Choir because of going to nephew John’s marriage in Bristol area.

This is a family affair. It went well enough- no unpleasntries occurred, – social niceties occrred. Many of our contemporaries were looking so much older. We were glad to have gone – John was all of a jitter; his wife is so good at keeping him ‘afloat’.

We met up Catherine and Phil. it is so good to see out daughter as we are not going to SW again this Christmas, we will be ‘golden oldies ‘at home – speaking to Paul and Catherine and Brigid on Skype over the Chriitmas period.

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