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March 2020

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Chinese epidemic seems to have arrived here as well as in Europe. The government is completely lost as to what to do. Keeping us in the house seems counter-intuitive. Surely any micro-organisms are diluted in the outside (fresh) air and as it is so sunny for the time of year ultra-violet light. would dispose of then, too?

I am now denied the following :-

As an octogenarian, I am busy both at home and in society. I spend time in charitable pursuits-

Saturday morning – at the local general hospital, taking Holy Communion for last 10 years ; before this worked with C?E chaplains since retirement in 1998

Mondays -this year working with a local group for the blind.

I enjoying singing baritone with a local male voice choir and bass in 2 other mixed voice choirs (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights)

Mondays – I go weekly to sing to a friend’s accompaniment and cover an immense repertoire of songs, arias etc from Renaissance to present day ;

Wednesday afternoons- Sacriston art group done this about 2003/4

doing regular sing-a-longs for my own age group;

frequent presentation locally about a dozen a year

atmending church as really as there is a service, i.e. daily and every weekend.

What can I do at Home?

Paint the fence and fascia on house; stain the wooden battens for raised beds;

I do a lot of needlework as well; I find it creative, e.g finished a large crocheted blanket and a another for a doll’s pram for my first great granddaughter, a cross stitch alphabet

and a large crocheted car blanket made for wool scraps and completed 2 knitted items for my daughter – a long tabard like jumper in and .a similar hoodie.

`with our gardening, writing and handwork, I and prayer, I would have found it difficult to do with out my regal social contacts.

I have endeavoured alos to phone friends and relatices and other who I feel would like some on to call.

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