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Andrew Everett

May 2020

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I contacted out local undertakers to see whether I could have david’s body brought from Darlington Nursing ome for cremation in Durham. Helpful as usual, they agreed and tha date was arranged 4 May. I contacted Hostile Chaplain in N Durham Hosptial and he agreed to perform a service.

this took place with simplicity. The chaplain kept the service (we weren’t allowed a Requiem Mass) clear and simple and I had chosen ‘Agnus Dei’ fro entry and ‘Deducant Angeli’ for exit from Faure’s Requiem.

Only my wife and I were presnt as the nurseintedned to come but was called away that morning. was called away. Ifelt sad that such a life had been wasted in much bitterness and unhappiness. DAvid’s entry to another existance meant he was now at peace and the whole ceremony reflected this.

I have gone out for the first timesince March 23 to visit a building society locally to close my brother’s accounts. There is no parking fee in Durham city now, the place is quiet and I donned gloves and mask in the street. I needed confirmation about his death and who I am as the one who benefits before closing the account.

Having the death certificate and a letter of verifying my identity allowed me to close the account and place it in my account. He had opened 2 accounts. One was the account I think was opened when our Dad died in 1988. it had accrued little interest since then. The other provided me with a 5-figure sum which surprised me. David had not worked for 50 years, been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and units locally, or living with either at my parents until they died and from then onwards in residential and nursing homes after that.

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