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September 2020

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Just when tentative measues to restart social contact for me and several hundred thousand others within the county , e.g. going back to my accompanist to sing weekly and explore more repertory as well as attending Mass and distributing Communion to the sick in hospital each Saturday morning: when it is all rescinded again.

County Durham is a rural county. At its centre is the cathedral and university City of Durham. At its eastern edge is the City of Sunderland, formerly a ton n within Durham county. The Covid-19 outbreak occurred in a village (Fence Houses) straddling the Durham and City boundaries. The “Lockdown’ is now for the whole county, including small towns, like Barnard Castle, villages like Middleton in Teesdale and hamlets like Burnthouses up to 50 miles away- that have had no contagion. There is no sense of proportion in all this.

What sense is there in this at all !!??

Covid is a infectious diseaseof the influenza type, but is only one item in a raft of the diseases affecting human beings and by no means the most serious of them. It is being treated from central government as an end-of-world catastrophe on a par with a possible terminal meteor shower. It does not need a Crusader spirit or Churchillian rhetoric to stop it, but the well-worn principles of centuries of such dealing with infectious diseases, set in many previous Acts of Parliament overriden since March. (see notes on Covid in Pages)

I have done a little more on Korngold I-movie, but need my usual help from Stormfront – not avaialbe as yet. Casting arousn for a new subject for anI-movie, I have come upon William Shield (1749-1829), born in Swalwell, so of local interest.. I am compiling notes to form a storyboard ; making a llist of his compositions to view his scope and finding out what is available on Cd’s Dvds and MP3 for sound track. This is the part of the task I enjoy doing. I have put some piciures and captions now in I-movie and will start putting some items on soundtrack.

I am trying to be productive. Last Cardigan I knitted in Cchunky Cotton for Catherine fits well and after finishing 2latest pullovers for myself have startes anothe long length caridgan for Catherine.

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