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October 2020

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Mary and I are suffering from along term ‘dominno effect. From the end of August, when a building firm inspected our roof with a view to replacing old felt and roof tiles, (c £7000); there has been one expense followed by another. On inspection, there was not only more tiles, but the joists had been affected and some were rotten- this meant the whole roof needed to be replaced and that of garage at a further cost of £13000 +more. During the reroofing, despite the central heating engineer and project forman and us asking them to be careful about flue, the top coated asbestos tile was cracked. This meant not only had we to have the whole flue removed but a new central heating system put in ata further £4500. The ducted air system we had enjoyed for just under 50 years was to be replaced. by a radiator system, which would be less costly. we have had therefore no central heating for a month, and depsite fan heaters and electric fire the house has fell progressively colder partly because of railny weather and its chilling effect. The new system is being installed as I write, but the disruption it is causing no airing cupboard, (where new combi-boiler is housed) and roof and sealing of vents. in the space where old system was, now need new walls and roof. – yet another expense Say another. £1000

We have had a windfall with the money my brother left when he died – it has paid for most of what needs to be done. It has made us examine what he have and use and so various charities are benefitting from what we are clearing away. asa result.

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