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This magazine from Morton Media published this month looks at a whole variety of rail-based locomotion. I have recently been looking at up-dating the first book I had published – Visionary Pragmatist about on the life times and works of Sir Vincent Litchfield Raven – the last Chief Mechanical Engineer of the North Eastern Railway Company. This showed reminded of how much pioneering work he did  for railed transport in the early days of the 20th century. – viz introduction of superheating his and earlier steam locomotives; experiments with von Dampf condensing apparatus; trying out petrol autocrats; suburban electrification; freight line electrification and mainline electrification.

Railway Magazine December 2018

For once there has been a comprehensive well written  article on the enterprise of the North Eastern Railway in the petrol/ diesel and electric engine field. It was good to align this with what was happening elsewhere during the 20th century. Although not made explicitly (apart from one reference), much of the enterprise with the British Empire and subsequently was due to Merz and McLellan’s forward leading consultancy .(Charles Hesterman Merz is the subject of my next book).

The Industrial Railways and Lcomtives of County Durham volume 1 and 2  (Holroyd and 0were a birthday present. They are packed with infromationand photographs which enable me to visualise and revisualise what was in part familiar to me as I grew up in Chester-le-Street and district. It is not an easy read and even as a refine book needs to be dug deep into. However becoming involved with Aageuk project and Burnhope has made do the digging.