Personal likes and interests


 25th April 1936 Born in Newcastle-on-Tyne
 September 1939 Moved to Chester-le-Street

 September 1941 – July 1947

6 November 1946

Attended St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School  . Passed Scholarship

Brother David born

 September 1947 – July 1954 Attended St Cuthbert’s RC Grammar School, Newcastle
 September 1954 – 1960 Hospitaller Brother of St John of God
 1959 Qualified as State Registered Nurse (SRN)
 1960 – 1962 Pupil teacher and did 1st year of teacher training
 1963 – 1965 Post-registration Psychiatric Student Nurse – St. George’s Hospital Morpeth
 1965 Qualified as Registered Mental Nurse (RMN)
 24 July 1965 Married Mary at St Joseph’s Ushaw Moor
 1965 – 1966 Staff Nurse  at Rauceby Hospital – Sleaford
 1966 Father to twins, Paul and Catherine
 1966 – 1968 Charge Nurse – Barnsley Hall Hospital, Bromsgrove
 1968 – 1970 Qualified as Registered Nurse Teacher (RNT with Diploma of Nursing) – Battersea Polytechnic/ Polytechnic of South Bank
 1970 – 1973 Nurse Teacher for – State Enrolled and State Registered Nurses – Dryburn Hospital Durham
 1973 – 1978 Senior Tutor-in-Charge of School of Nursing – Hartlepool
 1978 – 1980 Gained Community Psychiatric Nursing Certificate (CPN Cert) – Manchester Polytechnic
 1980 – present a member of Lanchester Choral Society
 1980 – 1996 Senior Tutor (Community Mental Health Nursing) – Newcastle
 1982 – present Approved Eucharistic Minister – Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

 1980’s & 1990’s


November 1986


4 March 1988

External Examiner – North East Surrey College of Technology / University of Lancaster / University of Wolverhampton / Secretary to UK Group for  Community Mental Health Nursing Lecturers

Mother died after several years with multi-infarct dementia

Father died of leukaemia

 1991 Presentation entitled Meyerbeer  in London at  University of Bayreuth in Department of Musical Research, Thurnau, Bavaria for 200th Anniversary of Meyerbeer’s birth
 1993 – 1995 Studied for MA in Adult Education  – University of Durham
 1996 – 1997 Senior Lecturer – BSc Community Nursing (Course Leader for Mental Health Branch) – Northumbria University
 1997 Retired
 1997 – 1999 A/S and A level GCE Music and Grade 7 & 8 (Singing) – Associated Board  of Royal College of Music (ABRCM)
 1998 – present Chaplaincy Volunteer (Darlington and Durham Foundation Trust NHS Trust)
 1998 – 2009 Mental Health Act Officer (NHS and Private Company)
 2008 – present Member and soloist with Durham Constabulary Male Voice Choir
 2008 – present Member of University of Third Age (Durham) and presenter for its Music Appreciation Group
 2008 – 2015 Public Governor – Tees Wear and Esk Valley Mental Health Foundation Trust
 2009 -2019 Member of Probus Spennymoor

2013 – present






June  2019 

March 20 

March 23 



April 28


May 4 



July and August 



September  to present 


Volunteer with  Age UK –  give talks to interested groups about its function and outreach;

started working towards ““““Diploma *+ ABRCM, having found an excellent accompanist – decided in 2020 not to do this, but continue working with pianist to gain confidence for solo work

provide Kelloe  Luncheon Club with a bi-monthly sing-a-long;

involved with its Burnhope project _ provided introductory booklet on village and environs

joined Lanchester Choral and Operatic Society again in 2017 and began with 1 year old choir at Ushaw College

Sang bass solo -‘Il lacerato spirito’ -Verdi and ‘This nearly was mine’- Rodgers

Great granddaughter Elaina is born in Cooma NSW

 Lockdown starts

informed by CPN my brother David died of Ca. bel and heart failure yesterday  Begin to arrange funeral and closing his accounts – see October 2020

David’s cremation with Father Tully , mary and I only in attendance. A quiet dignified end to a sadly unhappy  life

Started singing weekly as before – might still do Diploma; returned to Mass and Hospital Communions on a Saturday.

Discuseed possiblity of becoming a mentor for students in Durham University. 

Despite more lockdown no singing practice or cMaas and communion, have ecome mentor for 12 students.