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 My name is Andrew Everett MA. I am a retired Senior Lecturer from Northumbria University, Newcastle, I have developed a number of illustrated presentations which may be of interest to your members. These  last  around 3/4 hour or so.

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North Eastern Railway History

1.      Visionary Pragmatist – Sir Vincent Raven: Locomotive Engineer (1858-1934)

The last Chief Mechanical Engineer or the North Eastern Railway. This is a social and biographical review not a technological treatise.

2.      A Gentleman Engineer – Alexander McDonnell (1829-1904)

A social history of his Irish aristocratic family, his career as a railway engineer and manager in Dublin, Gateshead and elsewhere.

3,      Northumbrian Engineer – Edward Fletcher (1807-1889)

A social history of Raven’s mentor and Robert Stephenson’s pupil. First Locomotive Superintendent of North Eastern Railway. 

4         The British Bringer of Electricity – Charles Hesterman Merz (1874-1940)

A social, not a technical,la biography of a consultant electrician, born in Gateshead, who pioneered rail electrification, power stations and introduced the concept of a national grid at first locally, then to the empire.

5.       The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of Bishop Auckland Station

A history of Bishop Auckland from early ages until the industrial era, the reason for the development (from 1842) of its station, its decline (1970s and 1980’s) and what is being about it today and in the future.

6.        Educating Men on the Railway

An exploration of worker’s education movement and what the North Eastern Railway did about it.

7.       The Worsdells – Innovators in Providing Transport

A social history of a family which spans more than 100 years from coach makers Thomas and Nathaniel via George, Thomas William and Wilson to advancing steam land electric rail locomotives, especially for the North Eastern Railway.

Architects/ Artists

8.     Canny Mr Dobson – John Dobson (1787-1864)

Social and historical biography of Newcastle architect, responsible for many private houses and public buildings in Northumberland and Newcastle and elsewhere.

9.     Uncle Iggy – Ignatius Bonomi (1787-1870)

A social and historical biography of Durham County architect and surveyor, responsible for many bridges private houses and public buildings in Durham, North.

10.    A Swiss lady painter in London – Angelica Kaufman (1741–1807) In preparation as  Keynote

She was Swiss born the neice of Bonomi’s Mother  (see above) who came to London and was successful in trhe later part of GeorgeIII’s reign.

11.      An Early Railway Station Architect – Sancton Wood (1814-1886)

He designed buildings of quality for Irish and east Anglian railways.


12.    Josephine’s Composer – Gaspare Pacifico Luigi Spontini (1774-1851)

This I-movie includes music and the texts used. It is a social and historical biography of an Italian, composer who studied at Naples Conservatorio, made a name for himself in Italy, went to Napoleonic France and became Empress Josephine’s personal composer. After the Restoration of Bourbons, he left for the Prussian Court after being head-hunted by Prussian King Frederick William III. He was an important influence on Berlioz and Weber and Wagner. I publish the first full length English biography of him in May 2013.

13.     A European Composer – Giacomo Meyerbeer (1791-1864)

This I-movie  is a social and historical biography of a musical prodigy in a  wealthy Jewish  Berlin family. A prodigy at the piano and at composing, he left Berlin to study in Darmstadt and Italy. Like Spontini, he went to Paris in 1826. His influence lasted throughout the Victorian period and beyond in all forms of European opera and ballet.

14.  Operetta  through  20th century Hungarian eyes.    Imre (Emmerich Kalman -(1882-1953) 

This I-movie  ia about Kalman a Hungarian Jew originally looking to be a pianist  in Budapest, but going  on to write tuneful, well orchestrated operettas in Budapest and then for Vienna and beyond but left Austria  in 1938 for the USA. While he always had an Hungarian flavour in his music, especially the cards, besides the usual waltzes and marches  he introduced contemporary dance into his scores – tangos, foxtrots and elaborate Act 1 finales.

15.   Hollywood Film music score amd More    Erich Korngold (1897-1957)

This I-movie  which I am now preparing,  is   about Erich Korngold Moravian Jew from Brno. His talents were precocious and he established himself as a leading composer Germany with ‘Die Tode Stadt’ and other compositions  in 1910′ and ’20’s.  He left Germany in 1934 for USA. He established himself as the leading Hollywood film composer during the ’30’ s to’50’ with such scores as ‘The Sea Hawk’,’Anthony  Adverse’ and many more. His violin concerto used some of  his film themes to great effect.

16.  The Musical Lad from Swalwell , County Durham     William Shield  (1749-1829) – 

This I-movie  which I am now preparing concerns  local  County Durham lad William Shield.  His talent with violin  were early encouraged by his father. Left an orphan at around 8 or 9, he was at first apprenticed to a ship builder, but kept on with his studies with Charles Avison the Newcastle composer, playing in his orchestra as well as composing.  He eventually moved to  Scarborough before going to London  He wrote many ballad operas (akin to musicals) , songs and chamber music. His style is gracious, melodious and fluent. He was a friend of Hadyn’s and many other contemporaries including the Prince of Wales He was appointed as Master of the King;s Musick. in 1817. After he died he was buried in Westminster Abbey.

17.    The King of Swing Glenn Miller (1904-44)

Glenn Miller was born in Iowa, midwest USA. He early chose the trombone as his instrument. He joined touring trad jzz combinations (e.g Tommy Dorsey) during 1920’s and ’30’s. Besides composing, he eventually found his own style of touring ’swing band’ with memorable tunes – clear sound combination, especially with trombone, a concertante style featuring solo or groups, defined rhythm. They featured on records, radio and TV even 2 films. When war came, he enlisted and took his style with him and toured with his army band in Usa and UK. Leaving for a liberated Paris, he disappeared. I have made on i-movie.


Music Appreciation

18. Maria Stuarda (Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots) opera by Gaetano Maria Francesco Donizetti (1797-1851)

This presentation includes excerpts from the Janet Baker recording in English The structure and content of the work is analysed and illustrated by excerpts.

19. Robert le Diable (Robert the Devil) opera by Giacomo Meyerbeeer (1791-1864)

This presentation is from recent Covent Garden production, explaining the reasons for and the structure of the opera. The work is analysed and illustrated by excerpts.

20. Showboat

This I-movie  is based on the 1936 black and white film of Jerome Kern’s masterpiece, featuring Paul Robeson, Alan Jones, Irene Dunne and Helen Morganfrom a musical, theatrical and social angles, filling out with other sources to make a cohesive story.

Other Topics

22.  Rails over the Monara

This presentation traces the development of the 186-mile branch list in New South Wales from pioneering days, through colonial development to plans of the present day.
(Accepted for publishing in future Journal of Australian Railway History Society)

23. Indian Pacific

An account of travelling for 3 days on the luxury train from Sydney on the East Coast of Australia via Adelaide to Perth on the west – looking at the geography, the industry and modes of transport and must else.

Social Skills for better mental health 

24 How not to Make a Crisis out of a Drama

This looks at personal difficulties especially bereavement and the resources available to an individual to help resolve them.

25 How Do I Come Over

What features concerning others do we recognise on the phone an face to face.

In addition by mutual agreement, I am willing to produce a variety of talks, sing-a-longs or other programmes for a Group’s requirements.

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